Heinle Dental and RSCD School #41

This past Friday Dr. Heinle and his wife Colleen visited one of the first-grade classes at RSCD School #41 to meet the first graders they “adopted” for this school year. Each month through this program, the students will receive an S.T.E.M. activity. This activity is designed to help them learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills as well as working on togetherness and cooperation. Our team plans on visiting with them each month to check out their new game and track their progress. We also brought a ton of school supplies, markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, construction paper, and scissors. At Heinle Dental we feel so strongly that a solid education is the most important tool a child needs to succeed and we can’t wait to visit again!

Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY helps Rochester children   Dr. Heinle in Rochester, NY with RSCD 41   Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY early child hood development program

Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY, helping local school   Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY partners with RSCD 41      Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY does S.T.E.M program with RSCD 41   Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY S.T.E.M. program with local school        Heinle Dental Pittsford, NY provides school supplies for RSCD 41