Dr. Ron Heinle Earns Fellowship in Dental Implant Course

Dr. Ron Heinle has recently completed a rigorous Dental Implant course in Boston MA spanning over 4 months with the prestigious training center “Implant Seminars” based in Miami, Florida, headed by renowned dentist Arun Garg, D.M.D.

dental implant

Dr. Ron Heinle participates in dental implant course.

Why Join a Dental Implant Seminar?

Although specific certification and higher level education is not required in order to place dental implants, Dr. Heinle believes in gathering the most information, knowledge and skill and doing the best possible work for his patients.  Even though traveling to Boston in the winter months and spending weekends away  from his family was very difficult, Dr. Heinle thoroughly enjoyed the high-end learning environment – apparently you never stop learning and reinventing yourself!   

Dental Implants Offer a Valuable Option

Dental Implants have been available for many years – a great alternative to missing teeth once only restorable through partial dentures or elaborate and invasive bridges spanning multiple teeth.  As with any new product or medical advancement, the products available and techniques used have evolved and improved greatly over time.  Dr. Heinle feels confident in the current technology and science behind dental implants and is eager to help his patients achieve their ideal smile and dental health they want and deserve.

What’s Next for Dr. Heinle?

In special recognition of his skill and continued efforts, Dr. Heinle has been awarded a Fellowship in the International Dental Implant Association – a very prestigious honor. Dr. Heinle will also be traveling to the Dominican Republic this autumn in a charitable service role where he along with several of his associates, will perform dental implant surgery on the neediest of patients. A wonderful testament to his dedication to providing the highest-quality dental care to everyone.

Look for exciting updates in the future! ~ Heinle Dental