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I have been a client of Dr Heinle’s for approximately 5 years now. I was one of those who suffer from fear of Dental Pain. Needless to say, although I always took good personal home care of my teeth, I didn’t go for regular visits to my previous dentist(s) due to painful drillings and root canals, both of which only delayed my desire to return.

Making the decision to finally have something done about it, I found Dr. Heinle conveniently located in my village and went for a consultation.

He and his staff were thorough, friendly, informative, tactful, and gentle. I was not surprised that I had a few years of unknown decay that had to be repaired. All items were clearly shown to me on his state-of-the-art equipment in a clear visual, and my treatment options were explained clearly, including accurate costs of options. My x-rays, minimum yet thorough with new exposure standards and new state-of-the-art digital equipment, were immediately displayed on a screen in front of me.

I had the decay taken care of right away and was so delighted in his gentle manner and nearly pain-free procedures. I had all my amalgamate removed and replaced with white fillings. (I had some concern with the amount of lead, whether reports state a health risk or not, as I had many filled teeth due to having rheumatic fever as a child.) Again, I was extremely thankful for the pain-free removal of the old silver fillings and the outcome of the new white fillings.

I additionally had braces twice as an adolescent, neither of which remained in proper position as I had a cross bite.

I discussed braces and learned that I could also have my front teeth crowned into any shape/size to correct my bite, saving both time and money over the orthodontic procedure. I was hesitant to have healthy teeth reshaped to be crowned. He took the time to painstakingly make a model so that I could preview the life-changing appearance. In only 4 weeks I had a beautiful temporary in place the same day of the first preparation. I was astounded at what Dr. Heinle was able to create. I am so pleased with the appearance and functionality of a correct bite and a greatly improved smile, permanently attached over my healthy teeth. I have no more wear from the previous cross bite and it has not affected my eating or any other habits. He is an artist and had a great vision of how the new smile would appear. I would recommend Dr. Heinle and his friendly, informative staff to anyone, especially those who fear the dentist. No one has noticed a major change; however, I receive many more compliments on my smile than prior.

Being an aging baby-boomer, I have also taken advantage of his specialties in Botox and Juvederm for a younger feel and appearance of fine lines and other major age lines in my face. Again, the effects are astounding to me and delicate to others. I have never heard anyone ask, “Have you had work done?” Only, “You look great.”

I could not be more confident in Dr. Heinle and his work, and although I have found the need to move across town to care for my family, I will always travel the distance for his talented work to maintain my oral health and overall appearance and confidence. Many thanks to the “Heinle” Team. Kudos!